It has been a tough year for our company, facing a lot of challenges brought by the epidemic, war, interest rate hikes and inflation. All these have led to series of supply chain crises, inventory pile up and fall in demand. And it is that we realized the significance and value of innovation and diligence, and recognized the importance of risk control and steady progress ever more.

During the year, we continued to devote ourselves to product innovation and launched a variety of new products including anti-snagging spacer mesh fabric for military protective products. Moreover, we dedicated ourselves in building up solutions for health and medical, to develop a new industrial ecology.

In addition, we, during the year, focused on quality enhancement and customer perfection. We also passed inspections from various new customers. These recognitions provide us the source of energy and vitality.

Furthermore, we, during the year, adjusted the company’s business strategy proactively, explored and carried out changes in organizational restructuring, resource integration, product enhancement and channel construction, etc.

We, during the year, recognize the climate change and adhere to the green path and sustainable development which we believe are the cornerstones of our future development.

Steady and sustainability will walk us to a bright future!

In 2023, “CHANGE”, for no doubt, will be the theme of the year.

The global situation is changing. The textile technology is changing and the industry is changing! We must face up and prepare to take up more responsibility than ever. We must move towards high quality, rich and high profitability, and capture the huge business opportunity of the textile market. We shall open ourselves to within and cross industries cooperation to strengthen our capability to provide all kinds of solutions. In addition, we shall rejuvenate the business model to improve profit margins and strengthen our market share. We are determined to overcome all the obstacles and ready for Change for Strength!

We are Professional,we are Capable, most important we are Accountable!