Dear Colleagues,

In 2021, we have encountered a great deal of challenges. The epidemic threat as well as lack of container, power and man power etc. My gratitude for your dedication and hard work that helped us getting through all of these challenges and keeping us grow.

In 2022, there will still many challenges ahead of us such as epidemic damage and uncertainly of global economic. The situation may become more severe for us. It is necessary for us to work together on products innovation, channel optimization, increase of supply chain flexibility and quality improvement. In addition, all departments must fully utilize digital means to improve operational performance. These are not clichés, but the foundation of our existence. Please keep it in mind, we need stay alert like walking on the ice all the time.

A boat sailing against the current must gorge ahead, no progress means backwards. I encourage all staffs work collaboratively and keep the determination and perseverance to roll the stones up to the mountain!

President: Mr. Liu JP