Happy New Year! As the start of a new year, we would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you and family a happy and prosper year!

How time flies! 2017 has passed already. Looking back at 2017, we managed to achieve many improvements, but also encountered some challenges and frustrations. As for fabric export business, despite remaining the first place in Changle Fujian market, we acted slow in adjusting our strategy. We will make some rapid adjustments that help us recover, and we have confidence that we can make a better performance in 2018. In addition, as the launch of new products such as recycled fabric and other distinctive products, our market share and benefits are expected to have significant improvement in 2018. We have learned lots of lessons from these painful experiences and are determined to reduce relevant loss in material management and inventory control in the future.

We made many achievements in 2017. Our nylon loop velcro fabric, functional sports fabric and other fabrics are well received in the market that helps improve our performance and inspire the team to move forward. We also saw significant improvement in inventory control and order management.

To summarize, we can do better by enhancing our basic skills, in particular the ITQCS skills (Innovation, Time to market, Quality, Cost and Service). These five basic skills are also our core competence. What’s more, we hope colleagues can pay attention to the qualities of Integrity, Responsibility and Capability which are the most important requirements for a manager and also determine our own values. If one has no integrity, is irresponsible or fail to develop capability, how to reflect his or her own value in our company? Life is a journey of learning. Let ’ s continue to learn and change. If you refuse to change, you will never improve. If you cannot be creative, you will never be stronger. The people, who are creative and willing to change, will be successful in the end. Let’s work together to achieve better performance in 2018.

Thanks and happy New Year!